Luminair: Δείτε την DMX lighting console για iPad & iPhone!

Το Luminair είναι μια DMX lighting console για lighting designers και όχι μόνο! Δείτε παρακάτω και μόνοι σας τι μπορεί να κάνει στο iPad.

Luminair for iPad is like a dream come true for lighting designers and anyone else who works with creative lighting. A wireless, multi-touch DMX lighting console that looks great and is fun to use. A lighting console that a novice user can learn in minutes and master in an hour. Best of all, it’s actually fun to use, leading to enhanced creativity in your designs.

Luminair transmits DMX using the Art-Net and sACN E1.31 protocols, so it’s compatible out of the box with lots of existing equipment on the market. It’s perfect for controlling color-mixable LED fixtures, dimmers, studio lighting, moving lights, media servers, and any other DMX enabled equipment. Use Luminair as the ultimate remote focus tool, for advanced architectural lighting, or simply as the centerpiece of your DMX lighting rig.

Luminair for iPad supports MIDI input for various controls and actions. Map faders, knobs and buttons to trigger cue changes, change fader levels, playback and more. Luminair supports Apple’s iPad USB Camera Connection Kit and Line 6’s MIDI Mobilizer dock accessory for iOS.

Luminair also supports OSC (Open Sound Control) input for a variety of controls, actions, and commands. Use apps like TouchOSC on iOS, or OSCulator on Mac OS X combined with remotes and sensors like a Wii-mote.

Το Luminair είναι διαθέσιμο στο iTunes για το iPad στην τιμή των 94.99 Ευρώ ενώ η έκδοση για το iPhone κοστίζει 79.99 Ευρώ.

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